Tales of Kadraan Episode 3:The howling of dogs part 1

Does this armor make me look thin?

Upon waking up from my 9 hours of sleep,I head out to the bar to get some breakfast.I head out of solitude to go for a little hunting trip,upon equipping my hide armor i set off in search of a deer or two.Also I notice I have run out of ingredients.Ill pick up some on the way.

Setting out,bow in-hand,I walk over to some rocks to plot my course.

Though the forest looks peaceful.there’s bound to be a Bandit in there somewhere…

Looking round,I set my course.but it will be a 3-4 day course,if i want to cover all the forest and snowy landscape.Oh well.looks like I have to.I begin my journey heading towards the forest.A mudcrab tries to stop me,stabbing him with my fancy glass dagger,I move along.

As I walk around in the forest,I find a clearing.crouching down because something don’t seem right.as I walk around the edges.for a change,nothing happens.good,better than something happening.

As i walk along i find a dog on the road.What is it boy? are you lost? he starts walking over to a shack.ok so he isn’t lo… oh…

look dog,he’s probably just sleeping for a while.im sure he’ll wake up and…oh who am I kidding…

Apparently his master is dead.What a pity,at first I was going to leave him there.but he is giving me the puppy eyed look.ok…what’s you name?

looking around i find a journal.saying something about Meeko.is that your name? Meeko? he barks so i assume it is.

leaving the shack behind us,we go looking around for some deer & unsuspecting bunny rabbits.

He should have run faster…

after a while it starts getting dark,and i have no camp fire to keep warm at.uh oh..

Meeko and me start sprinting.hoping to find a cave or camp site we can rest at.and we are in luck.stumbling upon a mining operation.and better yet,it has a nice burning camp fire to stand around.thank you Kynereth for bestowing upon me and my loyal dog the gift of a mine with a camp fire.

after we warm up a bit.we go and mine some ore in the mine.nothing fancy just plain old iron ore.

Doing this reminds me of Leigelf…Beware bandits,I am now enraged again…

After a while I head off to one of the sleeping rolls by the camp fire.hope fully the miners wont mind.

———————————————-DAY 2——————————————–

(yes I am doing 2 days in 1 post,DEAL WITH IT)

After waking up from a rather cold night sleep. I stand by the fire and eat my breakfast.after that I head out. hopefully I will find an inn so I don’t freeze to death.

After a while I find a cart with a chest in it.a mere few feet away,there is a dead bandit.well,my treasure now.

Magical boots of don’t equip if you are an NPC

ok.Boot I shouldn’t equip because their magical… ok not equipping them. or the armor.

After the encounter with the magical boots, I continue onward.stumbling into things as per usual.

For the crime of giving me magical stuff.I sentence you to death!

Stupid criminals & hunters shoving things into my pants…

anyway.as I continue along,i stumble into the small town of rorikstead.and just in time it’s getting dark.

As I walk into the inn,I notice the bar keep arguing with what looks like his son.I intrude on their conversation by asking for a room for the night,he kindly shows me where it is.and I put on my clothes and enter a very,very relaxing sleep.

anyone have a muzzle for my dog,no? dammit…

(sorry for the wait on this post.but with school raging on and unrelenting waves of homework.so for anyone who actually reads this.I put 2 days into one post.kinda weird I know.but i had to make this post bigger for the time it took to  write this.by the way.how are people enjoying dawnguard? PC & XBOX,I may be getting it next week.but I wanted to know is it better to get now or later?

and in the event I do get it next week i will do a series about life as a vampire lord, just because I can.)


Tales of kadraan day 2:Mission for solitude

Thats new...

If only i had that armor…

After waking up at 6:40 in the morning,i head out for some early morning hunting.putting my hide armor on,i set out.

its not long before i find the trolls nest with 2 trolling’s in it,i had enough trouble with 1,yet alone 2.But they’ve already seen me…


this wont end well….

However,they seem to be scared of me as well,I take my oppertunity to fell the beasts & eat thier organs(ALCHEMY)Ewww,that was not the best idea.oh well.carrying on i find some quick silver ore which i Mine up.and will sell to legielf later.

Die quicksilve,DIE!

1 small bit of ore for kadraan,1 shiny ingot for khajiit kind.

After mining the ore,i run into some wolves which i quickly kill and loot,wait a minuite.why does one have a silver/garrnet ring? oh well,better looking ring than what the frost troll had.I notice it has gotten very cold so i deside to head back to dawnstar,only to find a group of marauders waiting for me in a Bowline.Oh s**t!

I dodge arrows left & right,till one hits me in the leg.Owch!,that hurt.If i try to fight these bandits now,ill freeze to death mid fight,i make a run for rustliefs forge,I also see my boss,legielf,pick raised charging at the bandits,Thanks so much,ill pay you back later.Rounding the corner to the forge,i warm myself up just in time to see legielf,Murdered.By a well aimed arrow.

No!!! not legielf,not the guy who pays my wages,You F***Ing bandits,COME HERE AND DIE LIKE MEN!

Seems im not as scrawny as i used to be,in 10-15 seconds the bandits lie dead in the snow,cowards…

Why marauders,why!?

You will be avenged legielf,I swear to kynareth you will!

I have had enough of dawnstar,Screw it! i saw a boat while i was fighting the wolves,maybe i can live there for a few days till i figure out where to go from there.After a long walk back i finaly  make my way back to the boat again.And i also have a plan.

Found where im headed...

Thats a very precarius place to build a castle.that dosent look like the strongest stone ive seen.

Seeing that solitude is rather close and in sight of where i am now.i might just walk there.however it will take longer than walking back,but it will provide more shops.and be less cold than it is here.with that,i set off.

However 1/3 of the way there and im freezing.there is a nordic dungeon up ahead though.if i pop in there to get warm and run back out again.i should “hopefully” be fine.

On the way in i find a glass dagger to go with the semitar i found in the possesion of 15 or so mudcrabs.nice.I prepare my Curvy sword.

However no zombies try to eat my brains.thats good.i run out and get another 1/3 before i have to heat up again.but this time theres no greeting present.

After a while i have to cross water,crap.the water is frigid and makes me feel alot less warm.swimming onwards another lake beckons,which i avoid by jumping on some icebergs.

After a while im welcomed to the city with some marauders.rage fills inside me and i swing both my curvy sword and Glass shard dagger,Cutting them to bits.one more i shoot with my bow.

This is for legielf

This is for legielf you F***ing bastard!

After shooting the last maruder,a courier gives me a note and 90 gold coins.and says “sorry for your loss” well how dandy! now all of the skyrim postage system knows of my past friendship with legielf and deside to rub it in by giving me a note,thanks alot.Dip S**t…


Just when i was trying to forget…

How fricking caring jarl skald,jeez.anyway as i walk into the city,a guard says im “just in time to see rogvir” umm ok never met the guy but im sure well get along great.turns out he’s getting executed.Realy skyrim.now i have to watch another innocent person die? thanks alot….

oh dear!

skyrim must like scaring me for life,its doing a real good job…

After the execusion i watched.i go to make some potions.my lifes dream.i make about 700 gold out of it.not bad for a first time.i then procseed to buy a new bow,and some steel arrows.turning dark,i head to the nearest inn.where i buy some provisions for a camping trip.tommorrow.i will fetch some supplys.


Tales of Kadraan day 1:Welcome to skyrim

Intresting greeting...

so this is how the nords welcome people to skyrim?,sink the boat?

After waking up from a relaxing dream about alchemy,i notice that i am swimming in a pool of water.inside the ship.

God damit,we must have hit an iceberg and tiped over ,seeing that im walking on what once was the roof.Racing through the ship to get out before the cold sets in,I find the dead body of a redguard.Guessing hypothermia got him before he could escape.

rest in peace upon this sinking ship...

I hope he wont mind an underwater shipwreck burial.

After finding a breach in the hull I scramble onto the upturned belly of the ship to find a dead Thalmor passenger.Quick question.wheres the captain?

My guess is the redguard  was the captain or he managed to escape and is chilling in an inn drinking ale RIGHT NOW THAT FAT A## HORKER!!!

leaving every one else to freeze to death on that ship or drown,if i ever see that Fat nord ever again…

looking out to sea from the ship gives me that sinking feeling…

This aint good...

My chances are 94% chance the ship sinks right now and traps me in a watery grave,6% i make it to an iceberg and get eaten by slaughterfish.which is less painfull?

my odds arnt high but if i can make it to land and get to an inn as fast as i can.i may live…

Here goes nothing, I plunge into the water feet first,swimming as quickly as i can to the nearest landmass.

i swim from iceberg to iceberg eventualy reaching land,And no slaughterfish trying to kill me as well,apart from the Shipwreck and freezing water,my day is going splendid.As i near land mass i notice a small tent.ok.i know im dreaming now,theres no way there is conveniently a tent just when i needed one.


Free sleeping spot,Check!

Ok that gives me a place to spend the night if i run out of money,which is very likely.looking inside i find some stuff such as some roses,how sweet,some wine & an amulet of mara.Cha ching!

that will be useful,as i have heard that these amulets are required to get maried,not that i can do that yet but it will be handy in the future.

I arrive in dawnstar,not walking of the boat to the dock,but climbing over a mountain and seeing the most fantastic view.

Nice view

hey,i cant see the shipwreck any more…

After seeing the sights from my grand view from the mountain.i head over to quicksilver mine to dig up some ore to get a payday for my night at the inn.

Diggy diggy ore

This is great swordsman practice! Ore is the perfect training dummy.

After mining all the ore out of the mine and selling my 15 pieces to legielf,i head over to rustleif and buy some equipment,i can only afford a hunting bow and 50 arrows with my days payout,but it will do i guess


Would you like a song? only 25 gold for music 20 times better than karita’s singing!

No thanks,already got a headache from being to close to the inn,i trod off in a eastward direction till i am stopped by a group of bandits,who are very unprepared with no ranged attack defence strategys.i shoot them down and kill them rather quickly.

Screw u bandit!

Suck my arrow head B***h

Shooting down the last bandit and getting some armor in the prosess.i manage to also stumble into a frost troll while heading back to dawnstar.This aint gonna go well…,time to do what i do best,RUUUUNNNN!!!!



Back peadaling from the ferocious beast in the vauge dirrection of dawnstar,taking pot shots at him as i go,i eventualy reach dawnstar.where 3 guards quickly Execute the troll.where i discover a silver ring on its finger,was it maried?

Oh gods please let it be something it just found….

Die frost troll

Kill that frost troll good for me ok?

After that Crazy encounter i head off to the inn to get some rest.what a long day,but tommorow i must get up early,Cause im going hunting for ingredients

(Editors note:the lack of detail in the later writing is due to a glitch that deleted from the Dawnstar view picture down,Which sucked so much because it was good,so much better than this junk i was forced to do in order to have some ME time at all today,hope you understand next post will be alot better.)


This blog has currently not started,but am working on which mods I should get(from the steam workshop of course)to use in the blog.I can however give you some infomation about the story line and rules i must follow.

Ze rulez:

No spawning of items/OP mods:this would make the game too easy

HARDCORE:No reloading saves if i die

Eat/sleep/drink regularly:more realisim that way 😉

No Crafting spam Except potions:Smithing spam is not something i want to do in this blog,Not realistic.

Story line:

Kadraan is a khajiit with a dream to become a alchemist/hunter.however.kadraan has some goals he must complete.

Goal 1:Get married

Goal 2:Buy a house

Goal 3:Alchemy skill to level 45

Goal 4:Gather a pelt from each pelt dropping creature

Goal 5:Buy a horse

Goal 6:Have 12,000 gold

Goal 7:Craft a set of steel armor

Goal 8:Chop wood,mine ore & cook food all in 1 day

Mystery goal:???(Readers will have to guess this,you will be told if it was achieved that post.you have to guess what it is though)

And any goal you think i should add that i like.

Till the next post